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How to add a Client Manager in your Google Adwords Account

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We need to access everyday several client accounts as an Adwords account manager. It doesn’t seem practical to have an isolated Google account for each and every account.  Thus, Adwords Account Manager utilizes a My Client Center to permit access to our customers with only single Google account. Here are some easy steps you need to follow for connecting Adwords account to a MCC (My Client Center).

Instructions to add a Client Manager to your Google Adwords account:

  1. Give your Account Manager your 10 digit account number.

It is a famous saying that NEVER gives anybody your Adwords account number….  But it is not right all the times. Validate you have few introductory discussions with a potential office or account manager before you ever give them all the critical data. Never provide that data to somebody in any online discussion or any online forum. Google Inc. will NEVER approach you for your account number, even if you get what seems like an authorized Google email, in case if that they need your account number, it’s NOT actually Google.

You are supposed to discover your 10 digit (123-456-7890) account number at the right top of your screen in Adwords account.

  1. The Adwords account manager will send you an invitation to join their MCC.

When we know who send the invitation (to account number), then we simply click a couple of latches and voila – Google will send the invitation message straight to your Adwords Account.


You don’t really want to do anything here, so there are just two simple steps to follow.


  1. Give Response to Invitation

First and foremost you will need to discover the little rigging looking gizmo in the upper right corner, and click on it. At that point you need to see the drop down menu, and click on the “account settings” bar.1

At this time you need to click “Account access” on the upper left of the page, and need to see a screen that looks something like this:


Click on the “+USERS” button and you will see the following screen to add your Account Manager with the following four Access/Rights levels:

  • Administrative
  • Standard
  • Read Only
  • Email Only


Type the email address of the account manager with the Name on second filed (which is optional). Then select the Access level : Administrative Access.  Then click “Send Invitation” button. Now your Adwords account manager(s) have permission to access your Adwords account. It may look difficult but actually not that much.


Why to use a MCC (My Client Manager)?

Simply to CONTROL the tasks and campaigns. When you as the Admin of the account allow a manager to get through an MCC, you stay in complete and collective control of your account. We would not have the right to access the entrance to see any billing of interest for example. We can’t remove you from your own particular account. Also you can simply reach to access screen and “fire” (delete our access) whenever you want.

Link to a MCC have any negative effect on Account?

It is the most frequently asked question and the answer is Nope. The point to be careful is that the owner of the MCC who must be careful whom he is inviting to join the account. As Google Adwords Certified Partners, our coworker status is dependent on MCC. Our customer’s performance and practices are always “reviewed” by Google to guarantee that all certified partners meet best result models. You just need to rest assure that the MCC you are going to choose is absolutely Right one.


Feel free to ask any question, if you are unable to understand any step, or you need any further assistance.

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