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How to Get Started with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click(PPC) or Cost Per Click(CPC) is an online advertising model which works on the basis of the number of clicks. The ‘Clicks’ on the ads determine the cost to the advertiser and earning to the ad publisher.

PPC is one of the most popular online advertising models among bloggers, webmasters, and internet marketers. The brands choose Pay Per Click advertising model due to the versatility of engagement opportunities, quick-results, in-depth reporting, and higher click-through rate.

Companies strive.

They want to get started as soon as possible – Because online ads land visitors, and the arrival of visitors on the website means more leads.

Ever wonder how to get started with your online ads campaign?

Did you ever think how ads appear in the google search results?

In this article, we’ll go through many aspects of Pay-Per-Click advertising, success hacks of a PPC campaign, and the secrets of higher conversion rate.

Some Entrepreneurs and Brands want to pull off something with their PPC advertising—And, in order to do that they keep on running their campaigns without understanding the drill.

If you’re running a PPC campaign right now without any Adwords Consultant or Online Marketing Expert’s consultancy, then you might learn it the hard way, which is why this topic is articulated.

3 Important Factors of a Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

  1. Audience Selection

It’s essential to know your target audience – Who you want to reach? What do you need from them? Why would they respond to your ad?




For instance, a software company in Los Angeles, California starts PPC campaign on Google Adwords – It targets local businesses to provide them POS Softwares. The mission is crystal clear for this software company from this ppc ad campaign.

They want local LA businesses to get involved with them to buy their POS Software.

  1. Call-to-Action

Appropriate call-to-action buttons drive visitors to try out your product. Such action-oriented buttons also help prospects to enter the pipeline of purchase.

Colors selection, Clarity, and Size of the button play a role in the click-through rate on the call-to-action buttons. HubSpot showed some good examples of Call-to-action buttons.


MailChimp is a famous email marketing service provider. It has a decent, simple, and clean web design which makes its buttons pretty much clear on the main page.

  1. Keywords Selection

Keywords selection is the most important step of any PPC campaign. It determines the pay per click pricing, the competition of keyword, and suggested bid etc.



Google Adwords’ Keywords Planner helps advertisers on the Google’s platform to analyze the competition and pricing for the certain keywords.


How to Get Started with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Starting up a ppc ads campaign doesn’t guarantee the positive outcome, not to mention the great results. It’s just the beginning of a process. The success of an ad campaign depends on the observation, adaptability, and exposure, which ultimately come with the passage of time.

It doesn’t mean your first PPC campaign won’t be successful, it would be…

but, remember…

The capacity building of an advertiser is more important than a surprise conversion rate. [Tweet this]

Take a look at the important steps to start your PPC advertising campaign:

Finding the Right Keywords

Admit it.

Keywords are extremely important to make a ppc ad campaign successful. Keywords are the main trigger behind any type pay per click campaign in search engine marketing and contextual advertising. Google Keyword Planner might be the most important keywords tool for online advertisers to analyze the keywords strength in the google search engine. MozBar is a keywords analysis browser extension for Chrome and Firefox to tell a lot about keywords ranking and metrics.

Keywords have many attributes, but these three are incredibly important to discuss in the right keywords selection process:

  • Competition: It’s tough to rank well against the competitive keywords, similarly the bidding cost gets higher for the high-competition keywords. SEM experts suggest targeting low-competition keywords for better results in your ppc campaign.


  • Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are usually recommended by SEOs for Search Engine Optimization. Not only will these keywords provide higher ranking, but also give a chance for low-cost ppc bids.


  • Alternative keywords approach: Basic keywords are being by industry’s giants which make those keywords competitive and costly – The irony is that there isn’t any guarantee for great results when other giant competitors are targeting those keywords. So, go for alternative keywords. Use the cognitive process to think-outside-the-box ideas for keywords.


Choosing the PPC Ad Company

Choose the best PPC ads company to get started with your online advertising. Google is a ppc pioneer, but there are competitors and alternatives who play an important role in the industry. The more diversified an ad company’s reach would be, the more it would get business. Some PPC ad companies are territorial in terms of targeting and focus, but ad service like Google Adwords operates worldwide and comes forward as a biggest player in the ppc industry.

Major PPC Ad Companies


Ad Type and Design

Ad type refers to all types of online ads such as Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and others. Normally advertisers target search ads to get their sites seen against the keywords searches in the search engines. Display ads are banner and text ads that show up on the publisher network of the ad company, whereas videos ads are the ads for videos, and they can be a short video roll before the video or banner ads on the video display.

Online advertising isn’t completed without banner advertising. Most of the companies use both search and display ads to target the audience. For instance, take a look at the Payoneer‘s Ad:


It was designed to attract the freelancers. Payoneer is one of the biggest prepaid master card providers in the world. It helps freelancers, online marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to get paid via payoneer debit cards.

That ad banner specifically hits freelancers.

Use Fotor Banner Maker, CannedBanners, and MyBannerMaker to design your banner ads.


Define your Budget

Setting your budget is probably one of the important steps in any online ad campaign – Companies want to spend the money with maximum ROI – And how is that possible?

It’s all possible when your ad campaign is professionally designed to ensure the success – In order to achieve that, your ad campaigns must be managed by the experts who have experience in the handling of such ad campaigns.

AARSWebs has helped a number of brands to get fantastic results from their ppc campaigns. Campaign optimization, understanding the market, and keywords targeting could turn things around for any ppc campaign.

Create your Campaign

When you’ve figured out your keywords, ppc ad company, target market, ad text or banner, then the next part is the creation of a campaign. It takes you to your ad account’s dashboard where you have to create your campaign by filling up all the required information of your campaign – Once you’re done with that, then you’re good to go to submit your campaign for final approval to the ad manager at your ad company.

Record the Conversion rate

The conversion rate is a rate of outcome from any sort of marketing or engagement campaign. It is usually analyzed to determine the success rate of the campaign.

In online advertising, conversion rate depends on the type of engagement which is being offered, for instance an affiliate program pays for lead generation to the affiliates (whether or not the lead turns to a paying customer, company will play to the affiliate marketer), similarly, Click-through rate in PPC is known as the ratio of total no. of clicks and total no. of visitors.

keyword length


SponsordLinx showed this figure in a blog post explaining the number of words in the keywords with the percentage of conversion rate. This research shows that 4-word keywords are likely to get much more conversion rate than anyone else.


Getting started with your ppc ad campaign doesn’t mean the great results. Instead, great results await when you keep on furnishing your online advertising strategy and channelize the proper engagement strategy…

A successful ad campaign could fail if the landing page doesn’t attractive enough to convert the visitors into the paying customers.

Start your PPC Ad Campaign. Do A/B split testing with your keywords, ad material, and website design. Reach Us Today for Adwords and PPC Ads Consultancy.

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